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Straight Raw South India Extensions

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South Indian Raw Hair is our most luxurious quality. It is the best quality amongst raw indian hair of all sorts. This hair only comes in 3 textures: Indian Straight Hair, Natural  Wavy and Natural Curly  which are 100% unprocessed hair natural textures. No chemicals or anything is ever added to this hair. This is true virgin unprocessed cuticle intact raw indian hair. This is the best quality when looking for Indian Straight

South Indian Raw Hair is the most prestigious hair we offer. Each bundle is truly unique. The curl patterns are never identical like processed hair from China. Bundles can come in #1b to #4 all natural colors. When you buy Raw IndianCurly hair from Lili’s Touch Collections , you can be assured of its quality.

Raw hair is rough hair and requires more hair care. It needs to be moisturised and brushed on a regular basis with a wide tooth comb. This hair will last longer than any hair bought from China. Lili’s Touch Collections is one of the best Hair manufacturers in The U.S and we take pride in producing the highest quality.  You will not be dissapointed when looking for raw Indian hair manufacturers: We provide top customer service as well as top hair quality! Each bundle of raw hair is produced and controlled by our manufacturer in India . 

This hair sells up to in the retail market at $150-$200 range per bundle.

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