Raw Babe Lace Kit
Raw Hold Lace Glue

Raw Babe Lace Kit

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Hey Raw Babes, this kit comes with all you need for a flawless install. Our famous lace tint is one you need to get a perfect match for your lace.. It also comes with lace glue for  2-3 weeks hold if applied correctly, you will also have an option to use the lace tape for a more temporary application instead of the glue. You also will get a our #1 lace glue remover in your Raw Babe Kit. Please pick the right tint color of your choice to match your skin tone.. 


Raw Lace/Melt Tint Options

• Toffee Babe - Beyoncé Shade
• Chestnut Babe - Gabrielle Union Shade
• Expresso Babe - Kelly Rolland or Darker Shade

What’s In Your Kit
* Lace Glue Remover
* Lace Glue 
* Lace Tint
* Lace Tape