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10 TOP TIPS FOR HEALTHY HAIR - Lili's Touch Collections

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Healthy Hair Tips 

Natural hair care is very essential for a healthy hair. It has been proven that unhealthy foods and excessive hair styling are factors that contribute to hair damage.

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Female Hair Loss

female hair loss hair

Female hair loss is very serious among women of all ages and ethnicity but more so among female of African descent.

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Lili’s Touch Collections Big Appearance On Cyn Santana’s Fashion Show: Miami’s Epic Hotel

Cyn Santan, Christine and Lili

When the beautiful Cyn Santana of “Love and Hip Hop” graced the stage of the Epic Hotel in Miami to promote her clothing line (NU) in August 2015, the producers of the show consulted one hair company to represent at the event: Lili’s Touch Collections.

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Brazilian Hair Extensions

When hair extensions are mentioned, what readily comes to mind is, it is meant for those who have one form of hair problem or the other. This is quickly attributed to the African-Americans, since they were not naturally born with fluffy textured hairs.

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WIGS for Women

The dictionary defines the wig as an artificial covering of hair for all or most of the head, of either synthetic or natural hair worn to be stylish or more attractive. Wigs are made primarily to cover the head and they are made with either natural human hair, animal or synthetic fiber that could be worn for fashion, cultural tradition and religious observance.

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